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Date posted: 26-Jun-2019

Mission Harvest America uses donated ITEX Dollars to help people in need who cannot afford to help themselves.  For example, we recently had AAMCO Jacksonville rebuild a transmission for such a person in need.  We use donated ITEX Dollars to obtain materials to help us in our projects with the American Indians in many states.  We are building a load to help with the flooding at the Pine Ridge Reservation in the Mid-West.  We also have projects in Ghana, Liberia, Haiti, Mexico, Uganda and more.  We ship container loads of donated materials, the excesses of America, to these areas of need.   Some for disaster relief and some for continued Humanitarian Aid.  MHA is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization with a letter of determination from the IRS which assures you that your donations are tax deductible.  Last week we sent a container for humanitarian and education aid to Ghana, West Africa.  We have another one that needs to be sent and we shipments pending for Liberia, Uganda, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.  We received the excesses of others, provide a tax deduction receipt and then send the donated items beginning with needs with the USA, such as to American Indian Tribes and Rural areas of need, then global.  Your donation of ITEX dollars helps offset some of our costs for which we are lacking cash funding.  Thank you for helping over the years.



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