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Minerals Tooth Enamel Booster

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Date posted: 05-Mar-2023

Condition: New


Minerals Enamel Booster does not whiten teeth, however, it can help to keep a smile white.

Apply Minerals™ Enamel Booster to teeth after a teeth whitening treatment. MInerals is a remineralizing and desensitizing gel that contains fluoride, calcium phosphate, and potassium. It seals and strengthens tooth enamel and helps to alleviate minor tooth sensitivity.

Research shows that remineralizing gel increases the micro-hardness of bleached tooth enamel – which is a GOOD thing!

This makes the teeth stronger and more resistant to abrasion and stains.

Things like eating, drinking acidic or sugary drinks, and teeth whitening can temporarily soften tooth enamel. Saliva eventually restores the hardness of tooth enamel after these activities but Minerals Enamel Booster accelerates and significantly enhances the natural hardening process.

Minerals Enamel Booster Replenishes Key Minerals and Strengthens Enamel.

Prevents and Alleviates Tooth Sensitivity while sealing in teeth whitening results by sealing out stains. Best of all Tastes Great!


Smile wide. Brush a layer of gel on your teeth. Hold your smile for 30 seconds and go about your day! Do not rinse, eat or drink anything for 10 minutes

Type of Gel

Non-Peroxide remineralizing and desensitizing gel. Made in the USA. Designed for sensitive teeth.

Contains Kosher, certified-vegan glycerin. NOT TESTED on ANIMALS



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