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Date posted: 16-Jun-2022

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Motor Trend #88- is an automotive publication devoted to domestic and foreign cars. Motor Trend Magazine emphasizes performance, comparison tests, interviews, new car previews, auto shows, styling and engineering details, safety reports, buyers guides and impressions of new trucks and off-road vehicles. 24- $36 36- $54 48- $72

Popular Photography #241- provides everything avid photographers need to improve their craft. Each issue of Popular Photography is packed with features, how-to instruction from industry experts and tests and reviews of the latest equipment. 24- $36 36- $54

Popular Science #103- includes articles for the general reader discussing science and technology. The "What's New" section is particularly infamous as it high-lights the newest technological products on the market today. Examples include digital cameras, a robot vacuum, projector machines for home entertainment and hand tools for tough jobs. As well, the "How 2.0" section is popular and tells you everything you need to get plugged into technology on your own including hooking up the neighborhood to Wi-Fi as well as downloading recipes, directions and books to an iPod. Stories range in topics from global warming to hot cars of the present and the future, genetic engineering and medical advancements. Popular Science has all the latest news and details about new gadgets, gizmos and scientific phenomena such as how to get involved and find out more or where to buy the most recent products. 24- $39.90 36- $59.85

Wired #2330- Delivers the intelligence you need on topics that matter most: technology and innovation, business, global politics, new media, arts and culture, and the environment.  24- $42 36- $68

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