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Business and Systemic Facilitating

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Date posted: 19-Mar-2020

Business and Systemic Facilitating
With Megan Gunsorek of The Morphic Field
A business or “organizational system” is a continuously morphing ecosystem of relationships, hierarchies, loyalties, and motivations.  Each part is connected and influences each other part. When all parts have their place and are free to morph and grow, then a successful business made up of thriving people can flourish.
Is your Business or Organization experiencing any of the following:

  • The same problems over and over again
  • Employees leave/ aren’t getting along
  • Management issues/ lack of structure
  • Lack of company growth, in stagnation
  • A black cloud lingering in the company
  • Difficulties after a merger or buy-out
  • Disconnection from customers/ lack of customers
  • Financial failure/difficulty
  • Product or service failure
  • Unsure what direction to take next 

Whether you are a part of a large corporation or are a solopreneur, Megan Gunsorek will facilitate you to reveal the hidden forces influencing your business.  These “ghosts” remain unseen, operating under the surface, until acknowledged and facilitated into their right space.  Free yourself and your business from these entanglements and set up the potential for success. 
Organizations Megan has recently helped:

  • Facilitated a Realtor to uncover and shift the reason a particular house was not selling (house then sold within 2 weeks).
  • Facilitated a company to have each employee find their place within the company, after a merger caused hierarchical conflict among those who remained.
  • Facilitated a company who had an employee steal from the organization, which left a lingering effect.
  • Facilitated and released the entanglement for a company whose employees and contractors felt there was a “black cloud” holding them back- uncovered to be associated with the land the company was connected to.
  • Facilitated and reconnected the balance of exchange for an organization who was disconnected from their customers due to a blocking force preventing exchange.

Contact Megan Gunsorek for a 60 minute Virtual Session via Zoom $190 ITEX



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