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Date posted: 05-Jun-2020

Building a new home or renovating an old one?  Restoration due to storm or disaster?  Using an Owner's Representative adds a level of protection typically used by large companies and tenured developers to reduce exposure to shoddy workmanship, substandard materials, long delays, cost overruns, and Mechanic's Liens for work or material that you may have already paid for in full.  We offer:

  • Construction document ("Blueprint") reviews to ensure functional designs
  • Material specification reviews to ensure you get quality products
  • On-site inspections to ensure quality workmanship
  • Job scheduling to ensure timely job progress
  • Budgeting and draw release approvals to ensure that you do not pay in excess of work completed
  • Review of Change Orders (Specification, cost, and construction methods)
  • Secure Lien Waivers/Releases, proper insurance certificates and other legal documents to protect your property from Mechanic's Liens

Your home builder / remodeler / contractor doubles as a salesperson.  Their job is to sell you on their product, and then transfer ownership of that project as soon as possible.  Many unsuspecting buyers believe that the local building inspector is monitoring the quality of the job.  Not so!  State, county, and local building inspectors check to ensure that your project is built to code, while the bank or insurance company check to ensure stage of completion.  Consequently, you are left to check both the quality of the material and workmanship as well ensuring that the project moves along on time and on budget.  This is by far, one of the best kept secrets in the Construction Industry!

At PA Weeks, LLC, we provide a level of protection that most homeowners discover had been missing, but all to late.

Our jobs range from small residential remodels to new home construction and light commercial buildings . . .  and we travel nationwide or work from our virtual office while tailoring our services to meet your requirements. 

Make sure you get the job you paid for.

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