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Date posted: 02-Oct-2019

Are you missing out on all of the online customers, losing them to your competition?  Or maybe you have invested a bunch of money in a Website that isn't carrying it's weight?  Chances are you can fix this problem. It's called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and not every company is good at it.  Actually very few are, but there's an easy way to sort them out.  If you do a search for SEO in your city, the company's at the top of Google are going to have the best chance at ranking your website.  The ones that aren't, well...  If they can't rank their own website chances are they won't be able to rank yours. 

SEO is similar to the Olympics or any other competition.  The winners are awarded ribbons or medals in the order of their skill.  With SEO the medals are replaced by Google's Rankings.  The Top ranking website wins the Gold and awarded approximately 45% of the online clicks.  There is no faking or cheating to win this award, it's done by great SEO.  Great SEO isn't taught in schools and not learned overnight.  It's achieved by years of experience through testing what Google likes. 

Justin has been practicing and studying SEO since 2011.  Owning a service business with hundreds of #1 Rankings he has mastered SEO and have all the results as proof.  

For help with your business give us a call.  (877) 380-7859

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