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Date posted: 01-Apr-2021

Condition: New

Available in 6x9 Paperback $25 ITEX ~ FREE SHIPPING

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Ad-Vice This is a novel about the exciting and crazy world of advertising. Since Beau Lee Horton was old enough to press the buttons on the TV remote he had been fascinated by advertising. Bo grew up wanting three things – to be in advertising, to be a pilot and to be rich. After college he worked in a local Phoenix ad agency for experience. Then he landed a job at a larger San Francisco agency where he really grew. Finally he broke away and started his own agency with a casino as his first client. Chinese contacts helped him grow the agency nationally – the internationally. Along the way he lived the roller coaster ride of the bitterly competitive business. Bo also lived through many romances, organized crime situations, politics and the pressures of wealth. He got his three wishes and paid serious emotional scars for them and more. This story contains 325 pages of love, sex, hate, crime, intrigue and everything that makes America great.

Big Wampum – Tribulations of a Native American Casino - The Malaka Tribe of the Costanoan Nation (also known as the Ohlone) in my novel is fictitious but the process they go through is not. I’m not certain whether this is a story of love, hate, greed, politics, financial success, manipulation, or all of that and more. Two principal characters –Charley “Horse” Adams and attorney Landon Keifer take the tribe through an excruciating and costly process of getting recognition as a legitimate Native American Tribe. Their next battle would be to reclaim land of their ancestral home or something acceptable as an alternate reservation. If this was a successful venture they would then take on the enormous task of getting approval to build a major casino on their land. They could expect the City of San Francisco and State of California, among others, to object vigorously. The new challenge was daunting but the rewards were enormous. They wanted to share in the Big Wampum enjoyed by tribes with a resort casino development. They story has 361 pages of organized crime, sex, political corruption, hate, love and adventure. In other words it’s like the real casino world.

Blood Break – A Brett Kruger Mystery - U.S. citizen Alma Ramirez is murdered in Puerto Peñasco – Rocky Point, Mexico during spring break. A congress member’s son, Brad Kiefer is the last known person to be with Ramirez. Phoenix agent Brett Kruger is told by the FBI Deputy Director to find out who the real killer is and protect the congresswoman’s son. All the evidence points to Kiefer and agent Kruger is unhappy with the political favor assignment. He’s used to catching criminals for prosecution not helping defendants. The deeper he gets into the investigation the more complex it becomes. Things are definitely not what they seem in this murder case. What started out to be a final spring break for some Arizona State fraternity boys turns into an international chaotic incident. Agent Kruger is known in the FBI as somewhat of a maverick who doesn’t follow orders well and takes too many risks. In this case that talent may be the only way to solve the murder – if that is even possible. The twists and turns of Kruger’s investigation uncovers lots more crime and conspiracy than a bloody murder during spring break.

Casino DeceptionAce Murphy and his team of Special Operations Security (S.O.S.) casino consultants take on Las Vegas casinos, the Italian mafia, international banking and cartels. S.O.S. provides special services outside of normal casino and law enforcement capabilities. Ace was born in Las Vegas as Sean Daniel Murphy and got his nickname when he served in the USAF Special Operations Force. That’s where he met his half-Apache and half-Mexican partner “Wolf” Echo-Hawk Martinez. After getting a belly full of political ops assignments they resigned their commissions and set up Special Operations Security (S.O.S.) Consultants in Las Vegas. S.O.S. specialized in security issues the casinos either couldn’t or didn’t want to deal with. A twist of fate put them in contact with Deutsche Bank who became their largest client. Through the bank they met Benardo Capizzi one of the top Sicilian Mafia leaders and trust account financing source for casino developments. Their business interests quickly expanded to international operations but they still followed their founding principle of ‘If we can’t have fun doing it we won’t do it’.      

Vision Warp - is a saga of Craig Colwyn – an American born Welshman with sixth sense. He has visions of past, present and future event. He becomes a bestselling author for his “Mykhaelyn of Makkor” novels and movies. After traveling to Wales and England he meets another author, John Byrdsley. Together they set off to drink and screw their way across Europe and Asia. Love catches up with Craig in the Philippines. 
Craig inherits a fortune and estate in the Caribbean where he becomes involved with gangsters and a private security firm Strategic Services. This involvement takes him into politics and a continuing series of dangerous adventures that almost get him killed by the mafia, terrorists, drug cartels and others.
This 275 page novel is a fast read with a great deal of action, sex, mysticism, love, politics and descriptive details of various parts of the world. It has a singular reason for existence – your enjoyment.

About the Author

Lamar Owens spent decades in the world of the casino gaming and worked with traditional and Native American casinos. He served as a marketing consultant to the hospitality industry. After working in Phoenix, San Francisco, L.A., Seattle and Las Vegas his experience provides a unique insight into the world of gaming.

Lamar grew up in Arizona mining towns, graduated from Arizona State University and served as a Captain in the United States Air Force. He built a large ad agency before starting his own successful advertising agency and consulting business at an early age where worked with many clients in numerous industries.

His varied experiences provide a texture for creative writing skills. In addition to writing he’s an avid reader of different genres. His favorites are crime, action adventure/mysteries with a smattering of selected frontier/westerns. His favorite authors are John Sandford, Robert Crais, Michael Connelly, Harlan Cohen, C.J. Box, Robert B. Parker and Louis L’Amour.


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