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Date posted: 30-Sep-2020

Rolfing Structural Integration Sessions

Karl E. Humiston was fully trained in 1971 by Ida Rolf, PhD, after receiving an undergraduate degree from Stanford and an M.D. from Harvard. Throughout his medical career, he practiced psychiatry and founded several holistic health centers. Retired now from medical practice, he focuses primarily on Rolfing Structural Integration, working with his hands to restore people's bodies to their original design, as they were created to be.

About Our Rolfing Sessions

Having been trained in 1971 by Ida Rolf herself, Karl acquired some of her vision of the deeper meaning of this work.  Being a Rolfer® contributed mightily to his life journey, and enabled him to do likewise for many of the thousand persons he has rolfed since then.  Dr. Rolf was a seer, a person who saw much more deeply than most others.  She saw not only everyone’s aura (energy field), but saw also what Karl calls the “inner blueprint of perfection” organized by Him who created each of us as an individual, each of us unique but based on universal principles, which she honored in her laboring to discover how she could use her eyes and hands to restore us to that wonderful pattern.  Life is a journey, and rolfing® makes it a better one.

Restoring one’s body to its original inner blueprint enables it to recover from most aches and pains, whether they come from injuries or other causes.  Karl’s original training was as an M.D. specializing in psychiatry.  But he could see that orthodox psychiatric methods did not lead to recovery, and, desiring to find what would do that, saw that all the various methods that really helped psychiatric problems had one thing in common: they restored people’s connection with their physical bodies and senses.  He resigned from his career job in psychiatry to be trained by Ida Rolf.



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