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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator

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Date posted: 10-Nov-2019

Condition: Gently Used

The pneumatic elevator looks like a thing of the future, but it’s very much available today. Operating entirely without cables or pulleys, pneumatic vacuum elevators are self-supporting and perfect for residential use.

With clean lines and a modern look, these see-through elevators are functional, safe and eye catching. Built of aluminum and polycarbonate, pneumatic elevators are strong but relatively lightweight. Pneumatic home elevators are perfect for small spaces such as houses, apartments, offices and even boats as they don’t require a pit or engine room.

Pneumatic elevators, or vacuum elevators, are a sleek, stylish home elevator option. This small-footprint elevator would perfectly match the clean lines of a modern or contemporary home, or a home that cannot accommodate an elevator shaft way behind a wall.  This Elevator new would cost $50,000.00 cash now on full trade for 25K ITEX



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