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Date posted: 09-Sep-2020

Hopefully this link will work - it should take you to my profile page - if not, then visit link below.

(The Ecard Kitchen) I can custom design graphic images to support your online sales of products and services.  These can be sent out to work, 24/7 in a worldwide marketplace.  You can make your blog posts more effective by such visual aids.  If you can pull the eye of the viewer they'll usually read at least a few lines of your blogs and articles.  You can send ecard greetings, gift certificates, thank you notes, special offers, or gentle "pay your bill" reminders!! etc.  Use your imagination and give your visitors something to see will  has proven more successful than asking them to read.  I design book covers, logos as well. You'll find HUNDREDS of my creations online in various links.

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Katy Azar
8215 N. Antietam Drive
Spokane, WA 99208
(P) 509.768.7977
(F) 509.326.0675
Web Site: