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Elephant Garlic (10lb minimum)

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100 @ $10.00 / LB


Date posted: 29-Jul-2020

 Elephant Garlic 
$10.00 ITEX per pound, 10 lb min, quantities are limited

The great news is that elephant garlic also contains Allicin just like regular garlic does. This means you get the health benefits of garlic in elephant garlic while get the unique nutrients in leeks and onions.

Grilled elephant garlic is a super tasty, unique garnish or condiment for so many dishes. I love topping meat stews with it, and it's divine in salads, pastas and over steak or chicken. Since the cloves are so big, it's easy to grill them, adding a wonderful smoky flavor.
Junger writes in his book Clean, that raw elephant  garlic “will help not only to eliminate bad bacteria, yeast, and parasites, but also to regulate blood sugar levels, enhance fat burning, reduce hunger sensations, lower cholesterol, relieve arthritic pain, and reduce bowel gas.”Oct 6, 2018
Fresh Elephant Garlic bulbs are raised all naturally, pesticide-free and are non-GMO !!!
The flavor is milder than garlic, and much more palatable to some people than garlic when used raw as in salads.!!! 10 lb minimum!
Contact Simon at or call 440.498.8981

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