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Date posted: 03-Feb-2023

Located in Omaha, NE, Industrial Escape Rooms has three different puzzles to choose from!

Available on Scrip Only Call 402.592.2918 to order.

1) Moriarty’s Parlor (4-8 players)

A Sherlock Holmes themed room based in an 1890’s London, England manor house. Professor James Moriarty has invited Sherlock Holmes to pay him a social call. But all is not what it seems. The good professor has booby trapped his parlor in anticipation of the visit. You and your friends have stumbled into the parlor, and become locked in. You must solve in one hour the puzzles intended for Sherlock Holmes. If you fail, you will suffer the fate that the professor has planned for him.

2) Blackbeard’s Treasure (3-6 players)

The infamous pirate Captain Blackbeard has sailed into your town’s port. Rumor has it that he has a fabulous treasure aboard. The captain and his crew have gone ashore to restock supplies. You and your friends decide to take advantage of the missing crew and try to steal his treasure. Will you be able to complete your plan and make off with the booty? Or will the captain and crew return and catch you in the act?

3) Sea Voyage (3-6 players)

It is the fall of 1938. You and a group of friends have decided to take an ocean trip to England. The friend of a friend has booked passage for you on a tramp freighter. You are the only passengers on board. Halfway through the voyage, late at night, you are awakened by an odd grinding noise but think nothing of it. The next morning you cannot find any of the crew. You make your way to the bridge, where you discover that your ship has struck an iceberg and the crew has abandoned ship. You have only one hour remaining to find the last lifeboat. Will you succeed or become fish food?

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