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Mastering Poker Math Book

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Date posted: 04-Feb-2020

Condition: New

This offer is for Mastering Poker Math for sales promotions, tournaments, or educational purposes for businesses and universities. The books can be purchased in quantities of 10 or more!

Transform Your Game and Become a Feared Shark at the Tables! 

Mastering Poker Math has been created to help you gain a competitive advantage in tournament poker.  You will learn two major areas. 

First, the book helps you to gain a visceral understanding of the math of Texas No-Limit Hold'em.  You will learn to trust the numbers in the right situations and circumstances to improve your game.   

Second, you will learn to integrate the math with your other skills.  Knowing the math isn't enough today. The competition is tough and getting tougher by the year.  To be a successful player today, your math skills need to be fused solidly with your other skills.  This book will show you how to accomplish this.

In Mastering Poker Math, your journey begins with the discovery of Fundamental Poker Math Skills.  These include:

  • Decision Making with Imperfect Information
  • Probabilities, Fractions, Odds and Counting Your Outs
  • The Rule of 2 and 4
  • Key Percentages and Probabilities
  • The Importance of Equity and Expected Value

Next, you will discover how to Master the Math by learning:

  • The Core Math
  • Selecting Great Starting Hands
  • The Power of Betting

The third section, Mastering the Math Applications is extensive.  It covers:

  • Chip Management Skills
  • Why It's Smart Math to Bluff
  • The Power and Problems with Aces
  • The Power and Problems with Pocket Pairs
  • Decision Tree Analysis
  • The Explosive Energy of All-In
  • Capitalizing on Patterns
  • Math and the Phases of a Tournament

The book wraps up by showing you how to become a New Breed of Poker Player.  We will cover:

  • Game Theory Optimal
  • Strengthening Your Skills
  • Tracking Your Results
  • Next Steps. 

Mastering Poker Math is jam packed with powerful information to help you gain a strong competitive edge and prepare yourself to play excellent tournament poker.   Get your copy of Mastering Poker Math today and start becoming a feared shark at the tables!

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