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Mastering Poker Math

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Date posted: 22-Jun-2020

Use this downtime to improve your game!
6-Month Full Access
Price Slashed to $197
(Limited Time Only)

A $100 savings off the regular price of $297!

Invest in this downtime learning powerful information to improve your game.
Become the poker player you know you can be!

How Much are You Spending on
Texas No-Limit Hold'em Per Month?

Is it $200 per month? Is it $500 per month? Is it more?

Are you tired of your results and looking for a competitive edge so you can go deeper into tournaments and make it into the cash more often?

If so, great!
For a small investment today you can take the first step on becoming a powerful player!

How to Gain a Strong Competitive Edge
Poker Math is ~ 40% of the game (or more). One awesome way to gain a competitive edge is to learn the math and how to apply it effectively with the rest of your game. That is exactly what this course is designed to do.

Mastering Poker Math is a Results Based Course that has been created to help Transform Your Game.

You will learn to make mathematically correct decisions at the poker tables. By coupling that knowledge with a solid all-around game you can gain a significant competitive edge.

Some of the math in this course is straight forward. Some of it is more in depth. The in-depth parts are to help you understand how the math is derived so you can internalize it, not just memorize a lot of boring numbers and charts! Learning the math helps increase your probability of going deeper into tournaments--and sometimes winning.

The rewards for understanding the math at a visceral level is a significant competitive advantage resulting in a higher level of confidence an potential win rate in your game. You will know more than most players who depend heavily on good cards, and good luck.

Why Learn the Math of Poker?

The math is a huge part of Texas No-Limit Hold'em. I would venture to say it is at least 40% of the game. It may be more. Here are some of the key reasons to learn the math!

  • To gain a strong competitive edge.
  • To gain the respect of other players.
  • To become a Feared Shark at the Tables.
  • To help you go deeper into tournaments & cash more often.
  • To help you become emotionally disciplined.
  • To reduce TILT.
  • It's FUN to know more than the other players!
  • And much more!


Here is What is Included

  • 21 highly engaging lessons.
  • Pre-Course and Post-Course Downloadable Skills Assessments.
  • Review questions at the end of each section to reinforce your learning.
  • Downloadable online & live poker tournament spreadsheets.
  • How to integrate the poker math with the rest of your game.
  • Tables to strengthen your game
    • Key Probability, Fraction and Odds Table.
    • The Number of Outs that Can Improve Your Hand After the Flop (With the Rule of 2).
    • Probabilities Needed to Call a Bet.
    • 13 Critical Hands to Know the Probabilities of (Before the Flop).
    • Core Math Examples.
    • Potential Starting Hands to Texas No-Limit Hold’em Tournament Play.
    • Matrix of Potential Starting Hands for Texas No-Limit Hold’em Tournament Play.
    • Probabilities Needed when Bluffing to Break Even.
    • The Probability Another Player has an Ace When You Have One (Shortcut).
    • The Probability Another Player has an Ace When You Don't Have One (Shortcut).
    • Hands Significantly Ahead of AQo Before the Flop.

Thanks for visiting! The Mastering Poker Math Course has been designed to help give you a competitive edge in Texas No-Limit Hold'em. It is cutting edge material that covers the probabilities, patterns, integrating math with your game and other key topics to become a powerhouse of a player and take your game to the next level...if you are willing to do the work! There is nothing else like it in the marketplace.

Are you are spending too much on poker and making too little?

If you answered yes, and are ready to gain a Competitive Edge then sign today!

Start your journey to:  Become a Feared Shark at Texas No-Limit Hold'em!

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