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Date posted: 06-Jan-2023


Poker Coaching
Become a Feared Shark in Texas No-Limit Hold'em!

Hi, my name is Chuck Clayton. I am a results-based coach who teaches the math of poker and how to apply it with the rest of your game. I am looking for forward thinking individuals who are serious about improving their game.    I teach primarily tournament play, however many of the concepts can be used in cash play as well.

My knowledge, skills and delivery system will help you gain a competitive edge so you can go deeper into tournaments and make it into the cash more often. 

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Would You Like to Gain a Competitive Edge in Poker?

An educated guess is that Poker Math is ~ 40% of the game (or more). One way to gain a competitive edge is to learn the math and how to apply it effectively with the rest of your game.  That is what I will teach you to do!

You will learn to make mathematically correct decisions at the poker tables. And, you will learn to couple that knowledge with a solid all-around game.

The rewards for understanding the math at a gut level is a competitive advantage resulting in a higher level of confidence and potential win rate. You will know more than most players who depend heavily on good cards, and good luck.

Here are some of the powerful skills I will can teach you:

  • The rule of 2 and 4
  • Chip management skills
  • Capitalizing on patterns
  • The explosive energy of all-in
  • The power and problems with aces
  • Hand, fold, position & situation equity
  • Probabilities, odds and counting your outs
  • Integrating the math with your other skills
  • 13 critical hands to know the odds of (before the flop)

If you want to get the most out of our coaching sessions, I suggest reading my book: Mastering Poker Math first.  You can purchase it on  It has a 4.9+ customer rating!

Sign up today and take your first steps to become a feared shark at the tables!

"Be so Good they can't ignore you!" ~ Steve Martin


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