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Amazon Indians Oils Art Collection-Cash Convert!!!

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1 @ $15,000.00 / 12 oil paintings


Date posted: 30-Jul-2020

Here is a great opportunity to buy a collection of 12 original oil on canvas paintings by Luis Felipe Romero, Colombia S.A. from his series of paintings entitled "Colors Of Ritual" (El Color del Ritual) completed in 2013. They sell between $1500 and $5000 each and would be perfect to display in a art gallery or art show in your area. This collection is worth over $30,000. Another option is to use them for interior decoration in home or office complex.

These original, vibrant paintings were inspired by the life and look of the Amazon Indians.

Luis Felipe Romero (54) is a well know artist in Colombia and has won numerous awards at shows and exhibitions in his native country.

He was the Professor of Art at the National University of Columbia in Suba, Colombia S.A.

Luis has traveled extensively throughout South American and several regions of the Amazon including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil and thus was able to bring the colors of their rituals to life in these unique one-of-a kind pieces. His art is unique with facial expressions, vibrant colors and stimulates the eye and mind with magical and mystical legends.  

Here is what you get:

"Chinita" Measures "20 x 27"

"Mamo" Measures "20 x 27"

"Mapache" Measures "20 x 27"

"Amigo" Measures "20 x 27"

"Futuro" Measures "20 x 27"

"Creaturas de la Selva"  Measures "32 x 44" 

"Tres Guerreros" Measures 43" x  47 ½”

"Joya de la Selva" Measures 43" x  47 ½”

"Bufeo" Measures 43" x  47 ½”

"Lucha de Clanes" Measures 43" x  47 ½”

"Ondinas Rojas" Measures 43" x  47 ½”

"Amazon" Measures 43" x  47 ½”

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