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Date posted: 05-Feb-2020

What is the Kids' Directory?

The Hampton Roads Kids' Directory® is a monthly free shopping magazine for families. Our concept is very simple: fast answers at your fingertips. By making The Hampton Roads Kid’s Directory® “Easy to Find & Hard to Miss” we provide parents with a publication they can reach for and use month after month. Listings in the directory are presented in a fun and colorful advertising format. If you have children, are expecting a child, or if you have children among your family or friends, you will find places and products of interest in the Kids' Directory®.

We've been helping connect parents & families with kid-friendly businesses, services & resources throughout the Hampton Roads area for over 15 years. Each issue is different, so pick up a copy, or view our online edition each month. Our resource guide is meant to be a quick read for your active family.

Each month the directory has Party Pages to help you plan that perfect birthday party. Wherever you are in the Tidewater area, you will find something for your active family. Kid’s Directory® is  now published across the USA. Visit Kids' Directory for a glimpse at the nationwide network. Kids' Directory is a Hidden Values Company.  View their other publications at at Hidden Values

Most Importantly: Your Ad Gets Noticed!

When parents and grandparents pick up the Kids' Directory, they are discovering your business! They are not reading an article on the same page, and leaving us to hope that they notice your ad! Our readers won't get lost looking for your advertisement. Because we are A SHOPPING, PRODUCT AND RESOURCE GUIDE, not an article-based entertainment publication or craft-project newspaper, your product, event or service is the focus of their attention while reading the Kids' Directory! Our monthly guide is picked up by people who choose it, keep it and use it!


Color Sells!

The ads in the Kids' Directory are in full color at no extra charge. Independent research confirms it. Color increases reader attention span by up to 82%. Decision making improves by 70%. Reader retention increases by 78%. Get readers' attention and get your message out!


Quality Counts

The Kids' Directory provides attention-grabbing color ads printed on magazine-quality, glossy paper - Not Newsprint! Our experienced graphic designer can create an ad for you that will attract new customers.


High Ad Visibility

We are advertisement driven: your ad will not compete with articles for attention, and our readers are interested in learning about what you have to offer. Moms and Dads love it because it's easy to find, designed to be a quick read and it's always FREE!

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