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Corona-Virus Relief Fund

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Date posted: 02-Jun-2021

<p>Mission Harvest America continues to help in poverty areas around the globe that have been affected by this virus.&nbsp; We have sponsored feeding programs for orphans, street children, and disabled elderly people.&nbsp; We have ongoing programs in Uganda, Liberia, Myanmar, and the Philippines.&nbsp; We receive requests&nbsp;for help from many areas.&nbsp; Because of government shutdowns, they need to purchase foods in advance.&nbsp; In Uganda, they get a police escort from the orphanage to the store to buy food for the children.&nbsp; Anytime there are disasters evil lurks taking advantage of the circumstances.&nbsp; In Myanmar,&nbsp;terrorists are roaming the streets killing people, they recently raided a middle school killing, raping the girl students, and stealing.&nbsp; We cannot make a big wave but we can make a splash with our help in the turmoil of their days.&nbsp; In the Philippines and Myamar heavy rains and flooding have added to the disaster.&nbsp; Your donation of ITEX dollars helps us to procure needed items and use the available funds to help.&nbsp; We are preparing a shipment to Honduras this month, three container shipments have been sent to Uganda.&nbsp; Relief supplies are on these containers. For years our ITEX family has responded to help Mission Harvest America help others, please help now.&nbsp; Mission Harvest America is a 501c3 nonprofit so donations are tax-deductible.&nbsp; We also have a Florida State Solicitation Permit CH13637 which gives you confidence in our charity.</p>



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