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Date posted: 10-Mar-2023

Let 2023 be a time of re-working of our businesses, revitalizing, reassessing and re-launching stronger. Let's review your capital reserves, website, payroll, marketing plan and all the strengths and challenges to strategically come up with how to thrive in the midst of all these changes. 

  • Small business loans, funding, grants and other resources to preserve your cash and let your business support you better
  • Improving online face-to-face networking skills, follow up and actually build a new community that way
  • Buying, Selling or retiring: before the business broker, how to prepare your business instead of closing particularly if you've been central to the business operations.
  • Opening online stores, beefing up your website, reviews and reputation, developing a HUGE online presence (We'll do it for you)...
  • How many emails do you need to send for email marketing to earn your business more than last year?
  • Relationship management and sales strategies you haven't tried yet
  • Getiing you Help when and where your business needs it so It can grow without overtaxing Your time.

And more. The Change Foundry is one of the businesses I've started in the last 33 years. I can help you find solutions for today's challenges.

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