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Date posted: 09-Nov-2020

I am an expert at ranking a website near the very top of the search engines, often at the top of the first page of Google!

I've been doing search engine optimization since 2000, and renting websites since 2009.

What I do is build a lead generation website that's very focused on your and your industry so that when people search for specific products or services you naturally show up first.

These websites are "built-to-order" but I maintain ownership so that I can also keep them top ranked, funneling all of the traffic to your business.

Prior to building a site for you, we would need to discuss you needs via phone or online meeting, and then I'd explain the strategy that I'll be using.

The leads/traffic that I generate is very targeted, and ends up costing you a tiny fraction of what it would cost to use something like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

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NYTO Trade Incorporation

Dee Patel
249 Broad St
Unit 403
Matawan, NJ 07747
(P) 732.495.4839
(F) 732.495.4839
Web Site: