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A sad time in Minnesota

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Date posted: 08-Oct-2021

Dear ITEX Family –

Where to start. There is nothing like getting kicked when your already down.  First we have all of us endured the onslaught of Covid19 in our lives, both in business and personally.   By now you have most likely  seen in the news,  the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and many surrounding communities are literally being destroyed.   Minneapolis and St Paul  look a lot like a war zone right now, like something we have all seen in other countries on the news.   Many of our ITEX members are centrally located and in the middle of this violence.  I don't yet know the numbers, but I know some have been forced to close their businesses and flee the area.  Obviously this will have a heavy impact our local ITEX Community of businesses, and all businesses for some time. 

We are far enough out from all of  this so we can and will remain open.  Jami, MJ and I promise we will be available to service all ITEX members to the best of our ability, along with our local member's ability to do so.  Jami and I are also available personally to make any pick-ups or deliveries that might be needed by your members.  For now  it will be best to reach Jami or me on our cell phones - call or text us.

Philip and Jami Domek and MJ Winchester

Dome-Equties, LLC

MJ Winchester
11861 80th St NE
Otsego, MN 55301
(P) (763) 432-0812
(F) (612) 215-3006
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