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Date posted: 05-Nov-2020

Southern Breeze Advertising is a Birmingham based company focused on two advertising objectives:  ​​​​ Making your business known and making every square foot of your business profitable.


Southern Breeze Advertising advertises by placing your ad in one of the most bland, boring places on Earth and ensuring that you can grab the attention of whichever target audience you want: male or female, young or old. In short, they place advertisements in public restrooms and get incredible results.



  • You have your customer’s undivided attention (in an age of constant distraction this is critical and truly unique)
  • You know specifically if you are advertising to a male or female
  • You can target age groups and income levels

More than that, it is inexpensive. Instead of your advertising fee going towards maintaining giant billboards or radio stations, all you're paying for is printing and posting your ad in an indoor billboard. And it shows in Southern Breeze Advertising's low cost/high return ratio.

It is also easily customizable if something comes up and you want to start advertising a new product or service.

Businesses within the Birmingham, AL area can also host Southern Breeze Advertising's indoor bill boards. These are professional billboards that can add interest to your otherwise boring restroom.


For more information or to request advertising, please contact the Team Townley office at 256-388-8282.

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