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Holistic Health Coach & Massage Therapist

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Date posted: 02-Nov-2020

Feel alone while you grapple with brain fog, gut issues, debilitating disease, low energy, food allergies, migraines, depression, bucket loads of medications?? I am a Holistic Health Coach, my passion is to help people to transform their life with targeted strategies, support, & accountability to give you long term success!

  • Look and feel younger
  • Naturally tighten Facial & Buttox area
  • Achieve your optimal weight
  • Boost energy
  • Build super immunity—the body wants to heal itself!
  • Regenerate vital force

Ask me about my Total Vitality Experience = Bemer + Massage Cupping/VacuTherapy + Red Light + Super Immune Tonic + Super Immunity Injectables

ITEX= Privacy of your home ($125/hour) or in-office ($85/hour) call for appointment

My credentials include: ​

  • Cancer survivor & thriver!!! I live what I preach!
  • Holistic Health Coach, Certified Raw Vegan Chef, Massage Therapist & Vacucupping Technician, & Bemer Technician
  • BA Sport Sciences emphasis in Sports Medicine

To Book an Appointment:

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Katy Azar
8215 N. Antietam Drive
Spokane, WA 99208
(P) 509.768.7977
(F) 509.326.0675
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