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The Morphic Field

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Date posted: 21-Sep-2020

THE MORPHIC FIELD: 90 Minute Virtual Zoom Session: Release what is holding you back in life and clear the path to your Future Self

In The Field, we bring the hidden to the Light. We see the unseen.
We hear what has not been heard, and speak what has not been spoken.

In The Field, we release Ancestral, Familial & Society
Entanglements and reintegrate fragmented parts. It’s only through
clearing negative energy and moving past blockages that we are able to
illuminate the path to one’s True Self

When you connect to The Morphic Field, you harness power from the
greatest source for transformation in the Universe. Megan will facilitate
you to clear your Life Path, connect with your Soul’s awareness, and live a
happier, more fulfilling life, integrated as much as possible with the most
complete, all-knowing version of you— your Future Self.

90 Minute Tabletop Constellation

Discover and release the things that prevent you
from reaching your highest potential.

As souls in human form, we all experience the lingering remnants of
past life, ancestral, and familial entanglements, as well as
traumatic childhood splits. During your Tabletop Constellation Megan uses the
power of The Morphic Field to reveal the origin of what’s holding
you back in life. Release the trauma you carry and transform what
was once your greatest hindrance into your greatest resource.

                                                                            $350 ITEX

Megan accesses your field dynamics virtually through "table-top constellations" on Zoom-  for your session you need your laptop, tabletop, post-its, a pen, and a quiet space.



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