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Date posted: 13-Aug-2021

Be Seen.

Sorry, but these days, Signage and Word of Mouth have become

Online Presence and Review Sites. We have to shift our strategies to keep up. Clients and customers who know and love us, tell - not just their friends, but thousands of strangers. We want them to that BEFORE a stranger shows up at 9:01 on a challenging morning and post a one-star review that we were a minute late opening. Yes, they can post a review EVEN IF you don't have a review site! We have to get out in front so one single-star is diluted by the 20 appropriate reviews you already have.

Never, ever ask a bunch of people to give you good reviews. Please let me protect you on this. 

I remember a musician playing every night with his back to the window of his closed cafe. He said, "If I'm good enough they'll come in." I said, "Not if they don't know you're here."

Let's tell WAY more people you're here and what it is you do to help them. I can put you and your business on over 70 sites, all pointing to your website (which we can make or upgrade if you like). Google will see that you're all over the web, consistent, accurate, updated... and will move your listing up so more people will find you. We build in SEO, optimized images, staff bios, menus, google map directions (super important) and can hook into Facebook and Google and upgrade all at the same time. We can set and forget, or upgrade monthly for just a little more. 

Also, an online store, selling or booking online will let your people - send you money while you're sleeping or playing golf. 

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