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Date posted: 10-Nov-2020

Selenite Swords of Light Healing

This healing circle will help you experience the powerful healing of Selenite Swords in a group setting. I will use my Selenite swords along with Reiki and some 12th Dimensional Healing™ techniques to: ⁠

  * Relieve daily stress⁠

  * Release energy blockages.⁠

  * Just take a personal time out⁠

⁠Tapping into the moon’s energies during important phases of its cycle... when it's new, and when it’s full... can intensify your manifesting abilities. These are also among the most powerful “moments” for you to put in your request to the Universe for what you want to create in life.

All you need to do is log in by 8:00 pm, sit in a comfortable seat and relax. I will take a few minutes to explain what I will be doing, what you might experience (which to most people is a slight tingling and shifting sensations within their body) and when it's over, it will feel like you had a energetic massage.

My focus and intention will be to assist you in letting go of old patterns of thought from fear or negativity. Your focus and intention will be to love yourself enough to show up prepared to be open to receive this healing.

Letting go won't happen over night, but this full moon is a GREAT place to start letting go of old patterns and making changes for the new life you desire!

We are accepting ITEX dollars for one 45 minute private session a month.  Visit us at for upcoming dates or to book your private session. 


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