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Date posted: 28-Sep-2020

About:  Mobile Billboards Northwest offers both static and digital billboard advertising trucks covering the entire Northwest.    Promote a grand opening,  product, business or campaign.

Our Digital Trucks are computers with large digital displays on both sides as well as the front and back of the truck.  We can do anything a computer can do, just in a larger visual format.

We can carry any length of contract from 1 day to multiple months.   It's up to you.   Our rates are 30% lower than the national average.

Pricing:  We sell the truck space in two ways.   

1)   Rent the whole truck at a daily rate of $850.00   Be specifically where you want to be whether we drive in your target area or just park.    Our trucks have video and sound availability when parked.   When driving,  we can scroll multiple still ads.

2)  Rent space on the truck rotating on all 4 screens with other advertisers at $150.00 per day.   Our trucks will drive general market coverage in the Spokane area 8 hours a day continuously scrolling advertisers messages on all 4 screens.  We focus on high vehicle and foot traffic locations and always to try to accommodate our clients requests for specific locations when possible during our general coverage routes.

Production Costs:  There are NO production costs since we are not printing anything.   We will use your camera ready art on a digital file.    We provide specs for the artwork.    If you need us to put together a layout for your,  our artist is available for a $75.00 layout charge.   These files will be stored on our onboard computer so they are always available to use for your next campaign or promotion. 

This is a great way to advertise your business and attract cash clients.  Coop available.

contact Ted  at 509.951.8305 or email Ted at   

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