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Ginger and Mint Tea

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25 @ $350.00 / per box



Date posted: 08-Dec-2021

Tessie's Tea Priority Box Bundle


Get a priority mail box full of tea crystals satchels for $350 Itex, plus Shipping/Handling


*Box with contain both Mint and Ginger Tea (300 bags)

*Great for Stocking Stuffers, the Office, Family/Friends, etc!


Benefits of Ginger - Antiviral properties, boost the immune system, antioxidants, anti inflammatory, digestive aid, and a lot more. Look up the benefits of Ginger for yourself.  

Benefits of Mint, digestive aid, relief nausea and vomiting, appetite suppressant, addresses cold and flu symptoms, and a lot more. Get your bulk box today. 


100% All-Natural Tea – Our teas are made with 100% natural ingredients--that means no artificial additives, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners. Just freeze dried herbs and/or crystallized with honey.


Instant and Portable – In a hurry? Have a delicious cup in less than 5 seconds by pouring a pack in hot water. No Tea bag! No waiting for the tea to brew! Because our tea is freeze dried and vacuum sealed in ready made individual packs, you can make tea quickly--just pour and go.

Chemical Free – No chemicals are used in the manufacturing and our teas still contain all of the great components that exist in brewed herbal tea.
**See Image of box and teas.


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