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Date posted: 23-Jan-2023

Condition: New

My name is Daron Stenvold. I am a business development expert. I change lives, save lives, and find people lots of money! I have a software program that will find you a minimum of $100,000, and I will show you how to reclaim it without spending an additional dime on your marketing.

My job is not to teach you how to run your business better. My job is to provide you with a system that will fill up your sales funnel. We are about Trust and Authority.

As a Marketing Strategist, I will work with your marketing's strategic side and help you fill up your sales funnel, helping you with your business leads, conversions, transactions, pricing, and profit.

The program I use is backed up by software that has over 497 million weighted algorithmic sequences that we will rip your business through to populate a roadmap that you will be able to use over the next twelve months.

I helped small business owners…

  • See more transactions
  • Charge higher prices
  • Increase cash flow
  • Create more leads
  • Produce more conversions
  • Have better systems
  • Enjoy more time off

After 30 years of working with Business Owners, there are 12 areas that we found, that can generate the most money in the shortest amount of time, at virtually no cost to the business owner, and it can be done in a matter of weeks.

During our time together I will show you do not have to hit a home run, you only need a little 2-3% increase in each of these 12 areas.

  1. Cut Costs
  2. Market Dominating Position
  3. Compelling Offer
  4. Increase Prices
  5. Upsell And Cross-Sell
  6. Bundling
  7. Down Sell
  8. Additional Products And Services
  9. Drip Campaign
  10. Alliances And Joint Ventures
  11. More Leads
  12. Digital Marketing

As a special offer to my itex partners, I am offering one months coaching for only $1,997. This will also include a roadmap that you can follow to continue to grow your business even if you decide to to add additional months of coaching with me. Your coaching will include a JS12 PAS and 4 one hour weekly coaching calls for your one month period. We will discuss a fair rate if you chose to continue after your first month.

Remember the "Double your Profits" line in the description? During our first call, I will also show you how you can double your profits prior to our second call!

*I will GUARANTEE that I find my coaching fee in your annualized revenue gains or you will not have to pay me!

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