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Impelling Your Business To Success Book

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Date posted: 29-Jan-2021

Condition: New

I will ship you a paperback copy of my new book, Impelling Your Business To Success, An Insiders Tale of what the Coaches and Marketing Experts Don't Tell You.

If you would like an electronic version of this book for $10 with no USD funds or shipping, shoot me a message and I can get one emailed right away.

When I put pen to paper or keyboard to a word document, I found myself with an enormous amount of useful marketing material I've used since 1992. The discipline from my time in the Marine Corps and a Gulf War Veteran gave me the drive and determination I needed to succeed in the business world. My experience is drawn from many different business entities, starting with my "Rookie of the Year" award for "Prospecting Diamonds in the rough" with a young call center management company. My time in the field has included Sales and Sales Management for a couple of startup technology companies; sales manager to the director for a small division of a Fortune 500 company; ownership and management of a resort in north-central Minnesota; owner of a small business consulting company, fractional sales management and marketing solutions; E-Commerce websites. Several of these I continue to own. The strategies I talk about in this book are still in place at these companies.

Even though I genuinely believe we are all 1 or 2 great marketing ideas away from more sales opportunities than we can fully imagine, I think the first two chapters are as crucial as the following eight. The strategies in this book - when implemented with strategy and care - are guaranteed to make you more money with less effort. These are strategies that have helped businesses, just like yours, make hundreds of thousands of dollars - including your competitors.

This is the reason I have now dedicated my life to Business Coaching. Since starting my company to provide direction for small business operators, I have been literally overwhelmed with the demand for marketing, structure, accountability, and for the need to have small business operators surrounding themselves with someone that cares and to provide a proper and profitable third party perspective.

As you follow the book and read the principles to follow, remember it does not matter what industry nor type of business you operate (I've been part of many). What matters is that you grasp the heart of the principles, the underlying lessons, and strategies, that can help grow any operation in any category of business imaginable.

The best time to start is NOW, not tomorrow, not next week or next year.



Chapter 01      …         Define Your Target Market

Chapter 02      …         Creating Effective Marketing Material

Chapter 03      …         Creating a Powerful Offer

Chapter 04      …         Risk Reversal to Increase Sales

Chapter 05      …         Profiting from Internet Marketing

Chapter 06      …         How to Profit from Direct Mail

Chapter 07      …         Systemizing Your Business and Developing Effective Processes

Chapter 08      …         Generating an Unlimited Amount of Leads for Your Business

Chapter 09      …         Immediate Sales

Chapter 10      …         Staff Recruitment Training and Development



If you would rather try a FREE ebook version of my first book Strategic Sales and Marketing Secrets, How I find $10k in 45 Minutes for Small Business Owners, CLICK HERE.

Yours in success,

Daron J Stenvold


PS. If you would like to arrange a meeting to get a profitable third party perspective on your business, please send an email to and we will gladly point you in the right direction.

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