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Learn The Secrets Of Renting Virtual Real Estate

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Date posted: 09-May-2021

I am a search engine optimization expert who earns an insane amount of  money from ranking websites high in the search engines and then renting them out to business owners for lead generation.

It's very similar to owning rental property in the physical world except that instead of spending hundreds of thousands or even millions on rental property, you can buy a domain name for under $9, build a website on it, and then rent that website out for hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month.

I have been doing search engine optimization since 2003, buying and selling domain names since 2009, and rank and renting domain names since 2015.

Today, I also TEACH Ranking And Renting Websites via my membership site at

On that site, I invite you to listen to an interview discussing how I earn six-figures per month, just from renting out websites.

My self-paced training is now open for new students, and you can read all about it at the link above.

Tuition is currently a one-time $997 but may increase to $1997 by mid-July.

Don't use the order button on the site because it only accepts U.S. dollars.

Instead sign up using full ITEX, and I will manually add you to the training and send you your log-in information via email.


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