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Facial Acupuncture Face Lift

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Date posted: 11-Aug-2021

Staying Young is an uphill run! Each Wrinkle is a Lifetime of Expressions! 

We all have some wrinkles here and there, that bothers us, that we would rather be Free of. You may think that the only option is going Under The Knife Or Overpriced Laser Treatments, but these come with risks.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is a system that utilizes what the body already has; to best effect! This is a great option for Regeneration and Younger Looking Skin! The aim is to create a Holistic path to wellness, with as little intervention as possible. 

Through consistent treatments, patients enjoy healthier skin, a more even tone, reduced wrinkles and less blemishes. Acupuncture will increase blood and Lymph Circulation, which brings nutrients to the skin and eliminate accumulated waste. Aside from the general benefits of Acupuncture, research suggests more direct biochemical advantages for cosmetic use. Adjustments to hormone levels can promote estrogen release to slow down  skin aging. In addition, over a course of several treatments the water content and surface oils of the patient’s skin become better balanced.

Facial Acupuncture has been shown to improve skin elasticity. By toning the underlying muscles of the face, fine lines can be eliminated and deeper wrinkles reduced. This is supported by the release of collagen into the tissue. Facial Acupuncture techniques vary, but they all involve using very small Filiform needles around the face and neck. These needles are as thin as possible to reduce the chances of pain and bruising, resulting in a virtually pain-free experience. The number of needles used is dependent on the severity of lines, but can range anywhere from 15 to 30 needles.

After the placing of the needles, patients are left to lie comfortably for around half an hour. This allows the mild irritation to facial tissue to persist, eliciting a stronger reaction. Once the treatment is finished, the needles are removed and the patient can go about their day, without concern.

Persons who have had Botox or Fillers in the past two weeks, present a higher risk of infection, so it’s best to wait until the introduced fluids are cleared. A Cosmetic Treatment doesn’t just involve the face. Needles will be placed in the body to support the effects of treatment by improving blood flow, brightening the skin, toning underlying muscle and hydrating tissue.


How long does it take?
To see results depends on the frequency of visits and the intensity of the areas worked on. Typically within Ten (10)visits, finer lines will vanish, while deeper ones will be reduced. Areas of hyper-pigmentation may lighten and persistent bags under the eyes will resolve. The effects of Facial Acupuncture will persist anywhere from six to eight months.

With consistent care and the right lifestyle adjustments, a lot can be done to arrest the damage of aging. You can take years off your face at a fraction of the cost. Once those troublesome lines and baggy eyes have been managed, upkeep is easy. 

Maintenance visits, twice a month or so will ensure that those wrinkles stay away longer.


The 10 Treatment Facelift Acupuncture is considerably less than most Anti-Aging Treatments and we will Accept and Honor 100% Itex Trade!

*P.S. The Facial Products are additional and not on trade


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