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Date posted: 30-Jun-2022


A Gift Certificate for a Men’s Facial is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

Father’s Day is less than a month away! And most dad’s are extremely difficult to buy for. (Let’s face it, they usually go out and buy whatever they want for themselves.) So finding the “perfect Fathers’ Day gift” can be a challenge.

With social distancing finally lifting, and life getting back to “normal,” wouldn’t it be great to give Dad something that will help him get back into “the sing of things” after month of quarantine and. After weeks of seclusion, uncertainty, and likely worrying about the rest of the family, most fathers could use some “pampering” right about now.

Now you can give Dad something he’s never had before, that’s guaranteed to surprise him. A gift certificate for a men’s facial offers Dad some much needed rest, relaxation, and time just for himself! And not only is his first men’s facial an experience he will never forget – it will also leave his skin clear and silky smooth.

This year, instead of another boring necktie, do something completely unexpected by giving Dad a men’s facial, with a gift certificate (Call us to purchase )  We you’re thinking: “My dad (or husband) would never go for a facial!”   But we promise … once he makes a few Dad jokes and you get him to go to a spa, he’ll absolutely love it! All our male clients do!

As one of Tampa’s best facial spas, we’ve put together 5 reasons why a Man’s Facial is the perfect Father’s Day gift for your Dad.

#1. Men’s Facials Are Unexpected Father’s Day Gifts

Dad is probably expecting another tie, sweater, t-shirt or bottle of cologne – just like last Father’s Day …and all the Father’s Days before.

So he will certainly be surprised, possibly even nervous, and probably more than a little bit curious, when he learns you’ve given him a facial.

What says “I Love You Dad!” more than coming up with a completely unique and totally unexpected surprise?

#2. A Men’s Facial is Probably Something He’s Never Done

Another tie or a shirt won’t leave a lasting impression. But a facial is an EXPERIENCE!

We bet you still remember your first facial – and the unbridled bliss and relaxation you experienced. His first facial is a gift he’ll remember!

#3. Dad Will Look Younger after a Men’s Facial

Daily shaving, outdoor activity, sports, sun exposure, and stress all take their toll on a man’s skin. And because men don’t have a women’s skin softening estrogen, their faces often get rough and dry.

So a men’s facial is actually a practical gift – as it will give your dad or husband healthier, younger looking skin.

If he’s hesitant, remind him that a men’s facial can tighten skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles – and what Dad doesn’t want to look more handsome?

#4. Dad’s Face Will Feel Better after a Men’s Facial

OK, this one’s more for Mom than for Dad. In addition to taking a few years off his appearance, your husband’s face will be kiss-ably soft and smooth after his facial.  Cozy up with a softer, smoother, younger version of the man you love when you give him a facial gift certificate.

#5. Men’s Facials Also Fight Face Mask Acne

Thanks to the constant skin irritation of face masks, a new phenomenon called “Maskne” exists! Face masks trap dirt, sebum (skin oil), and dead skin cells in the pores – resulting in breakouts. Many adults who haven’t seen a pimple since high school are nor faced with skin eruptions due to face mask acne.

If Dad’s skin is irritated or broken out, a men’s facial can clean out his pores and restore his skin to its smooth pre-pandemic condition.

#6. Dad will be Relaxed & Stress-free after a Men’s Facial

You’ve probably had facials yourself – so you know how luscious and relaxing they are. In our luxurious and discreet center, stress melts away and time stops as we pamper our facial clients.

If the Dad in your life has a high stress job, hectic days at work, or has suffered a challenging year like the rest of us, nothing will put him in a better mood than forgetting his worries during a relaxing and soothing facial.

Fathers’ Day Gift Certificates – Nova Beauty Center

We guarantee that a Men’s Facial is a gift that will thoroughly surprise and delight your father or husband!
Please contact to purchase


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