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Date posted: 22-Jun-2022


✔️Certified Coach Personal & Business Coach
✔️DiSC Behavioral Assessment Practitioner
✔️Neuro-Linguistic Programming-NLP Practitioner
✔️Certified Leadership Coach
✔️FIREWalking Empowerment Instructor
✔️Delaware’s #1 Life and Business Coach
✔️Empowered Working Mom of 5


What does the Ignite Your Light Coaching Process look like?

Our coaches create a path of self-discovery and awareness by guiding you through the coaching process to explore your inner world. By discovering your inner world, we can align that with your outer world in order to achieve true fulfillment. We do this through our 4 Step Coaching Process and the proven techniques of Mindset and Mechanics.


Do You Have Pride in Your Marketing?


Need a Guide to the Business Battlefield? Are you a Profit Maker for Your Marketing Provider or are they a Profit Maker for you? 

Join the Movement to discover your holistic Solution to accelerate your business. Delaware's Best Done For You Solution for end to end Marketing. True success doesn’t come from a single channel or the latest Social Media trend or a done for you process scam. Like the Pride you put into your business on a daily basis, it takes collaborative effort and experienced experts in key pillars like: Business CoachingBusiness StrategyRelationship SalesMarketing RelationsWebsite Platform Performance and Lead Generation (SEO).

The question is, are you ready to stop funding the lifestyle and retirement plans of those one size fits all Guru’s? Or are you ready to invest in you and a holistic strategy?



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Lisa Reagan
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