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Date posted: 19-May-2022

It Doesn't Matter How Great Your Product Is If You Can't Find The Words To Make Your Prospects See That They Need It.

The Biggest Skill Any Marketer Can Master Is The Written Word!  That Makes Them Scramble To Find The Order Button!

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Learn the no-fail AIDA formula and how to use it to whip up sales copy quickly.

Get the template of the 12 sections your sales page MUST have if they want a high conversion rate.

Write an opening to your sales letter that makes people hang on to your every word.

Discover the 5 urgency strategies that work like magic to get people to take action fast.

Find out 4 ways to use a P.S. to get people on the fence to say “YES”.

How to Write Captivating, Cash-Pulling Headlines... You'll discover the three components of a good headline. Plus how to combine these factors for maximum cash-pulling effect!

Discover the two best ways to keep your prospect's eyes glued to your sales page! Unlock the secrets to crafting compelling sales letter or sales video script openers.

How to Create Irresistible Benefit Statements... This module shows you the right way to brainstorm, develop and showcase product benefits for maximum conversion!

Revealed: Get an inside look at the perfect video sales letter. Discover the essential ingredients to creating high-converting video sales letters that outperform text-only sales pages every time!

And so much more!

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I first started studying copy when I was 14 years old, and wrote a mail order newsletter.  I'm 62 now, and still write copy but charge $10,000 to write a website sales letter.

I've studied methods of legendary copywriters Dan Kennedy and the late Gary Halbert (who sold over $1 million from just ONE direct mail sales letter... the one offering the family crest).

I've also studied under and am/was personal friends with Carl Galetti, Ray Edwards, Micheal Fortin, Harlan Kilstein, and the late Ted Nicholas.

I'm Committed To Helping Fellow ITEX Members Write More Persuasive Copy!

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