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100 Days to Gold Business Masterclass

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Date posted: 25-Sep-2023

A Masterclass in the Art and Strategy of High Performance!

Use ITEX to pay for your course! Simply use code ITEX at check out and put your ITEX account number in the company field. *Please note that you will not be added to the course until we verify your ITEX.

Are you… Building a business? Repairing a relationship? Overcoming addiction? Recovering your health? Preparing for competition?
Are you ready to move from Great Idea to Great Achievement?
We all have amazing flashes of brilliance: those moments when we absolutely KNOW that we should do something.
But often, the thought is immediately defeated by our past experiences and mindset!
In this course, covering 14 weeks and more than 60 hours of training, consulting, and practice, you will learn the exact process (it isn’t really a secret!) that you need to follow each and every time you want to accomplish something great!
This training program has been sold previously at $15,000 and more, but for our 2021 session, we are almost giving this away at $97 (all prices in USD).


All great achievement has the same core concepts!


Establishing your foundation and believing you CAN and SHOULD succeed.


Building your action plan and preparing for high performance.


Completing your plan and constructing habits for future top performance!


ourse Schedule (12 lessons over 14 weeks)

1      Inspiration to Dedication
2      Values Based Decisions
3      7 Daily Builds
4      Personal Natural Resources
5      Executing Successful Strategies
6      Developing Action Plans
7      Building your Team
8      Overcoming Negativity
9      Bucket of No’s
10    Living your Strengths
11    Conquering Hecticity
12    Power of Positive Influence

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