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Date posted: 03-Feb-2023

Holganix Bloom


Consisting of microorganisms that cater to nurturing healthy, more abundant and more colorful blooms, Holganix Bloom is for soil and hydroponic growers that care for flowers. Growers can expect more vivacious, more colorful flowers, increased plant strength, deeper, thicker root systems and improved soil health. Growers can also expect to reduce the use of fertilizers by up to 50% and pesticides by up to 75%. 

This product is 100% organic and is a 0-0-0 analysis, designed to be used in conjunction with fertilizers.


Plant Start Granular Fertilizer 2-4-3




If you install any plant material - from flowers to trees to sod - Holganix’s newest product, Plant Start Granular is the product you need to ensure a successful installation. Holganix Plant Start Granular 2-4-3 is crafted to: 

  • Grow strong roots

  • Reduce transplant shock

  • Boost color

  • Build soil health

The carbon-rich prills are supercharged with 40x the mycorrhizae of any product equivalent. It is also infused with Holganix Bio 800+’s patented soil microbes. Plant Start Granular is conveniently packaged in one-gallon containers - perfect to haul around a job site without the wear and tear of hauling bags.



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