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Date posted: 17-Jan-2022

IV Restoration believes in offering wellness opportunities to the community. We want to help people maximize their lives and their free time. Whether you are looking for wellness, energy, recovery, or performance, nothing compares to the immediate results that our therapies provide! 

Deficiencies in vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, and other body building blocks, known as micronutrients, have crippling effects on the mind and body. Low levels of micronutrients result in decreased physical and mental fatigue and inferior performance. They also exacerbate the symptoms of physiological and mental health disorders. Research supports that one of the best ways to eliminate these deficiencies is to supplement them through IV therapy.  

IV Restoration offers a variety of therapeutic treatments including:

NAD+ Therapy optimizes the NAD levels in your cells, giving you immediate energy and mental focus

Hydration therapy replenishes your body with fluids, electrolytes, and antioxidants to recover and enhance your physical and mental performance

Immunity’s formula is combination of high dose of vitamin C and zinc, both of which are fuel for the engine of your defense system

Energy Boost therapy restores critical energy-producing vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants

This therapy is a popular choice for athletes searching to improve performance and muscle recovery

Protect yourself from a painful morning and set yourself up for success in what the next day brings

No memberships at this time. Go to for pricing or to make an appointment online. For more info call 440.290.1229 

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