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Thankfulness Weekend - Giving Back 27-29 Nov 2021

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30 @ $199.00 / each



Date posted: 11-Aug-2023

       Imagine waking each day feeling elated about how great your life is; about how well your business is doing...          Your Turning Point awaits!

Your attendance all three days (27-29 Nov, 2021) not only imparts valuable skills, tools and gets you fired up about your business, it provides a valuable cash donation a charity of your choice. Enter the Holidays with a blessing of Thankfulness for YOU and for the good work your Charity does.

The Turning Point™ Seminar is a three-day foundational training program that teaches you, through subconscious reprogramming, how to free yourself from phobias, minimize stress, increase your motivation levels, and practice self-discipline.

You will learn cutting-edge skills to powerfully impact your relationships, finances, emotional and physical well-being.

As a business owner, SALES is your #1 job! When You attend Your Turning Point, expect 3 things:

1) To learn Self-Mastery and remove the negative programing from your mind then replace it with positive programing to allow you to move forward, letting go of all the bad habits that have held you back from being your best self.

2) To learn the skills of Irresistible Influence. It's simple: Communication = Wealth. You have an ethical obligation to sell when you know with certainty you have a product or service can help someone. Use the skills of Irresistible Influence to massively increase sales when customers and clients are begging for what you sell... and think it's their idea!

3) To learn to Take Action in the moment. Begin each day with a desire to succeed... to DO the things you KNOW you should be doing... and live the life you KNOW You Were Designed to Live!

  • When you know that what you believe to be true, is true for you - nothing else!
  • When you see what a millionaire sees... speak what a millionaire speaks... and do the things a millionaire does... You WILL be a millionaire!

These special seats are Extremely Limited... once we're full, they're gone and so will be your chance to help your Charity. General Admission only $199 ITEX and your full attendance earns a Charity of your choice $100, lunch is not included. You are under No Obligation to purchase anything offered.

We have found that many businesses would like the opportunity to network with other businesses at the event and have made a VIP Networking option available. Included: Networking luncheons on the 1st two days with other businesses that have elected to network while in attendance; Early entrance all 3 days; and priority seating with other businesses looking to network. Your investment to upgrade and network is only an additional $96 ITEX. Upgrades must be secured at least 5 days prior to the event to allow us time to coordinate the catering.

Our speaker, Marshall Sylver is a respected business consultant sought by Fortune 500 companies and also the creator of the number one personal development program worldwide. Today, Marshall is recognized as the #1 leading expert in subconscious reprogramming & the master of persuasion and influence. In just a few hours, he will change the way you think about business, money and wealth. By the end of this weekend you will experience a life-changing Turning Point™! By educating people on the power of subconscious reprogramming, he motivates people to take action in the present moment and change their lives in a positive way forever… are YOU next?

Create a Profitable Business - You'll learn from Marshall... How to harness the power of Irresistible Influence to grow a profitable business - in ANY market condition.

Three Skills to Change ANY Habit - You'll learn from Marshall... Exactly how to change any habit and create diamond hard discipline - with THREE simple skills.

Wealth Traits of Billionaires - You'll learn from Marshall... The key personality traits of Millionaires & Billionaires and how to form them - so you ATTRACT all you want in life.

Why Goal Setting Will Not Work - You'll learn from Marshall... Why goal setting will not work and what you should do - so YOU can achieve FREEDOM.

This seminar is normally $3,000 to attend. Marshall is going to make other things available at the event, including: a $4,000 training and private coaching at $60,000. You are Not Obligated to make ANY purchase at the event. You are attending through our trade agreement and we will donate to your charity regardless of additional purchases. That said, you may want to bring a credit card. At the event, Marshall often offers special bonuses and discounts that are only available at the event. Without a credit card, you won't be able to get the very best deals! Reminder - You are never under any obligation to purchase anything, before, during or after the event.

Our 'satellite' event is the evolution of Marshall's desire to enable more people to experience the life-changing training he provides. Given the events of the past year, Marshall came to understand that the 'old-way' of traveling to a couple of cities and expecting hundreds of people to get in a car for days, or go through the hassle of flying in and booking hotel rooms, just to get to wherever he is to receive this life-changing training (the same way as when he shared the stage with Tony Robbins) is no longer practical for many and Zoom calls and other 'virtual only' meetings do not provide the same engagement and interaction with the audience as in-person events. The result: Regional 'satellite' events where hand-picked Master Trainers and Inner Circle (Level 10) Coaches act as surrogates to facilitate that engagement and interaction.

At a regional satellite event, you get the same experience as traveling to the in-person event: the same excitement, the same interaction with Marshall; the same hands-on, life-changing training as if Marshall was in the room. Marshall live streams from his current location; interacts with the satellite audience and provides the SAME experience - without the expense or hassles of travel. Best of all, You fully participate in all the activities... When Marshall gives away cash and prizes where he is, someone at one of the regional satellite locations is selected to 'partner' with the person there. So when they win, You win the exact same thing! An attendee at the September San Antonio satellite event won $15,033 in cash and prizes this way. The next could be you!

What else you will learn at your Turning Point:

  • How to MULTIPLY your income many times over.
  • How to transfer your fear into POWER!
  • How to program yourself to achieve ANYTHING you want.
  • How to choose your emotions in ANY circumstance.
  • How to HAPPY all of the time.
  • How to create MASSIVE wealth.
  • How to love your life and live every day with AMAZING passion.
  • How to eliminate life-long phobias in MINUTES!
  • How to reduce STRESS and get rid of emotional baggage.
  • How to inspire cooperation INSTANTLY from others.

Everyone who registers, views the webinar at, and tells us specifically what amazing thing Marshall influences the woman to do at the end of the webinar will receive an additional $500 worth of additional products (delivered electronically).

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