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Turning Point Seminar 21-23 Jan 2022

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Date posted: 11-Aug-2023

This is an In-Person Event in San Antonio to 'jump start' your business year!

I know you've been trying to make it to your Turning Point and timing just hasn't been convenient. I also know that I have a moral and ethical obligation to invite you to this three-day interactive training program, taught for more than 40 years to business leaders and other sales professional by a man called Marshall Sylver, because of what it has meant in my life and for my business. Turning Point retails for $3,000. I am giving you some more information about Turning Point below and the link to now register for the event… and I am giving you a MASSIVE discount!

Turning Point primarily:

  •  Helps you reprogram your brain using a technology called P.N.D., Psycho-Neuro Duplication… so you can start thinking what a Millionaire thinks and doing what a Millionaire does so you can get similar results.
  •  Teaches you the skills of Irresistible Influence... to sell anyone, anything, at anytime.
  •  ... and turns up your 'Wantingness'. When you attend...
    •  You will want to fly around in private jets.
    •  You will want to make more money and live a better life.
    •  Most importantly, it gives you your mojo and motivation back so you go out and do what you know you should be doing to live the life of your dreams!

When you attend Turning Point, you will learn that only 3 things are required to get anything you want in life, whether that's making more sales, improving your bottom-line, or simply getting rid of the negative programming that's holding you back:

1) Self-Mastery - Total control of your thoughts and emotions. You will learn total control of your thoughts and emotions at Turning Point and understand that:

  •  What you believe to be true, is true for you.
  •  What you focus on ... expands.
  •  ... and Reality is created by Validation... Before attending Turning Point, my reality was I had to have the security of a guaranteed paycheck. I learned that false programming was holding me back from making the most of the time available and being my best me.

If all Turning Point did was increase your confidence 10 times... Would it be worth $3,000?

2) The proper Tools for the task at hand.... Like a Tool for more confidence.

Understand, communication = wealth and your non-verbal communication... That 96% of all communication, is critical to your ability to make more money.

Think about it: Everything you want in life that you don't already have you're going to get from someone else. If that's money, the way to get it is to sell them something.

The key to selling is more than simply influencing someone to say, "Yes" to your offer.

The Number 1 tool you MUST master to sell with confidence, and that's to learn the skills of Irresistible Influence. Irresistible Influence is not just getting someone to BEG you for what you have to offer.... Irresistible Influence is getting someone to BEG you for what you have to offer AND think it's their idea!

Here's a free lesson: Fear is the single emotion that holds anyone back from getting what they most want in life. That fear is expressed in many different forms: procrastination, complacency, not letting go of bad habits. You have to let go of that fear and move forward with confidence to experience any real change in your life.

Those that are afraid to buy, communicate that fear non-verbally when selling!

When you attend Turning Point, you'll learn the skills of Irresistible Influence. After you've attended Turning Point, you'll have your best month EVER!

If all Turning Point did was give you 10 times the level of selling and persuasion skills... Would it be worth $3,000?

3) The ability to Take Action in the Present Moment. One way to move past fear of the future is to act 'AS IF' your success is already done.

At Turning Point you will engage in many activities to practice acting 'AS IF' you've already succeeded and see that your Success is Certain!

There's only one thing left to do...

The retail cost of Turning Point is $3,000. Over 1 million business owners and sales professionals have attended.

I'm hosting a satellite events, right here in San Antonio... that will be taught by Marshall.

The investment to attend is Normally $3,000.

For this time you can attend FOR ONLY $199!
... and I'll let you bring a guest for FREE
… and I'll throw in a BONUS $500 of home study training FREE

Until the end of the week only... and I mean it... Until midnight, Saturday, January 15th 2022... I'll also throw in a free 90-minute webinar to introduce you to Marshall. This webinar is normally $500 to attend, yours FREE for Taking Action Now to find your Turning Point!

I have an extremely limited number of seats I can offer on Trade... Don't miss out on Yours!

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