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Date posted: 10-Aug-2022

  • Have the luxury of paying bills anywhere, at the dining room table, while watching tv, relaxing in your favorite chair, even outdoors!
  • Your home stays neater, plus everything stays right where you need it!
  • You save both time and money and you will have the peace of mind of knowing all your payments are on time and you haven't forgotten any important dates.

For ship outs must have a minimum of $50 purchase, can combine items with keyword 317862-0

Please provide Shipping form on a timely basis to insure guarantee products that you purchased.

This form is critical for the ITEX payment & shipping info including your contact information (skipping this step is not an option) the form can be faxed 402.597.3565, scanned and e-mail

Options Payments for shipping: Credit card, fed-x number, supply your own label

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