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Pre-manufactured Lego Tiny House "Studio"

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Date posted: 26-Aug-2022

Condition: New

WATCH VIDEO of this HOUSE here: DIY Kit 480 Sqft. house. - YouTube

The Lego Tiny House Construction System uses proprietary technology that specializes in pre-manufactured houses.

The Lego Tiny House  Construction System offers an innovative, flexible, cost saving building system for constructing walls and other structures. Lego Tiny House  is simpler faster and less expensive than conventional blocks to install. This is do to its ease and accurate stacking and the fact that there is no need to apply mortar between the adjoining block faces because they are held firmly together by a unique tongue and groove design which allows for vertical and horizontal instant locking. Where the greater strength might be needed, the cavities can be filled with concrete and reinforcing bar as specified. It takes general laborers less than 25% of the time to construct above grade exterior, interior or foundation walls.

The Lego Tiny House Construction System is the product of years of research and engineering studies and has customized software available to facilitate the computer-aided adaptation of different existing building plans to the Lego Tiny House  Construction System.

Pre-manufactured kits for houses and buildings are available with all the necessary modular pieces.

Play Video Above, The LTH “Studio” is a single-room floor plan designed to be as flexible as your life is unpredictable, easily adapting to change and from one use to the next. Features a kitchenette and bath. Plus a Loft and Balcony. 

What is for sale on 100% ITEX is the Model "STUDIO" with 480 sf. Plus Loft and Balcony, 3 Beds 1 Bathroom 8 Windows 2 Outside doors 2 Inside doors 1 Car carport

Tax, insurance, Shipping and labor for installation is cash 

If you have the land / space in property; but do not have all the ITEX, we can work something out, email us!



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De La Rosa

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