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Date posted: 12-Apr-2022

What is virtual bookkeeping?

Virtual bookkeeping is a remote solution in which a qualified, professional bookkeeper provides services virtually. Technology has made it possible for us not to be under the same roof.  We can be in different cities, states, and even countries and I can continue to provide the services you need.  Rather than keeping important documents in your office, your records are kept in the cloud.  You can access them from anywhere, at anytime, right from your computer, laptop, smartphone, or iPad/tablet. In addition, the software that I use has bank level security.

I live in Mathis but I am able to serve clients locally in the surrounding areas such as Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Victoria, and Kingsville, TX.  Whether you’re my next door neighbor or we’re several state lines apart, I’ll be able to take care of your books.

How does it work?

  1. Consultation

    • We video chat and talk about your business.
  2. Business Health Check

    • I review your previous year’s accounting records.
  3. Proposal

    • Based on the review, I create a customized bookkeeping proposal.
  4. Accept and Sign

    • We review the proposal together.  If you accept, you will then sign the Engagement Letter (no contracts or long term commitments required).
  5. Receive Payment and Begin Work

    • I am officially your bookkeeper!  You stay informed through email, phone, and video conference calls.

What are the benefits?

The cost savings and flexibility alone are huge benefits.  I do not require your office space, supplies, insurance, benefits or employment taxes – this is a huge savings for you! Other benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping include:

  • ✓ More time for running your business and doing what you love
  • ✓ I can work as little or as much as you need
  • ✓ Freedom from having to ask your significant other or friends to help out
  • ✓ No employment taxes spent on a virtual bookkeeper
  • ✓ No workmans compensation
  • ✓ Bookkeeping is tax deductible=tax savings
  • ✓ The cost is minimal compared to hiring another employee
  • ✓ Feeling confident and organized at tax time
  • ✓ A liaison between you and your CPA

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