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Date posted: 21-Sep-2022

The Collard Patch - Cookbook - All Copies Autographed At My Request

The Collard Patch, newly released story cookbook is all about collard greens growing, cooking, and eating and stories about growing up in Collard Country.

If you think you don’t like collards, you haven’t tasted our collards. That’s right, our collards are truly delicious prepared in very unique and creative ways.

However, just imagine delicious food that is also wonderful for your heart and healthy for your body. Yes, many of our recipes are very healthy, indeed. They are low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. How can you beat that good food that’s good for you?

Think of collards as appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, wraps, salads, and desserts. Yes, desserts. Open your mind. . . and your mouth . . . and don’t forget the delightfully entertaining stories, preparation tips, growing tips, and all around excellent information about collards.

You’ll find this cookbook hard to put down even after enjoying one of the mouthwatering recipes. This book features the most popular collard greens recipe in the world with Heart Health Recipes, 288 big pages, and 214 remarkable recipes.

Some of the chapters

Chapter One – Ah, Collards
Chapter Two – Collard Culture
Chapter Three – Others Like Collards Too
Chapter Four – Slugfest or Don’t Drink and Eat – Part I
Chapter Five – Slugfest or Don’t Drink and Eat – Part II
Chapter Six – Slugfest Part III
Chapter Seven – History of Collards – Part I
Chapter Eight – History of Collards – Part II
Chapter Nine – Health with Collards – Part I
Chapter Ten – Health with Collards – Part II
Chapter Eleven – Dirt Eating, All the Facts You Never Want To Know
Chapter Twelve – Washing Collards
Chapter Thirteen – Lasting Magic of Collards, Pot Likker Sustains Us
Chapter Fourteen – Cooking Perfect Collards

Here Are The Recipes In The Book (In Alphabetical Order):

Aegean Collard-Rice Casserole
Apple Collard Raisin Pie
Artichoke and Collards Dip
Asian Cabbage, Collard, and Fruit Pie
Asparagus Cornbread
Asparagus-Collard Green Linguine
Awesome Collard Greens (By the renowned Willie Crawford)
Bacon Collard Omelet
Bacon Seasoned Collard Greens
Bacon-Collard Pie
Blacked-Eyed Pea Cornbread
Bonne Terre Swamp Stew
Boston Cornbread
Butter Pecan Cornbread
Candied Jalapenos
Caramelized Cauliflower and Collards
Carolyn’s Quick Cornbread
Carrots and Collards
Catfish Wrapped IN Collard Greens
Cauliflower, Collards, and Creamed Potato Casserole
Cheddar Cheese Sauce
Cheese Cornbread Muffins
Cherry Chocolate Cake
Cherry Jalapeno Muffins
Cheryl’s Collards
Cheryl’s Cornbread
Cheryl’s Hotwater Cornbread
Cheryl’s Mexican Cornbread
Chicken and Collard Casserole
Chicken Stock
Chicken Vegetable Stock
Chicken-Vegetable-Biscuit Pie
Chili Con Queso
Chili Cornbread
Chili Verde Crepe Filling
Chorizo-Collard Lasagna
Christmas Cake
Collard and Barley Soup
Collard and Cauliflower Soup
Collard and Shrimp Quesadillas
Collard Biscuits
Collard Cheese Souffle
Collard Chili Soup
Collard Corn
Collard Crepes Filling
Collard Crepes
Collard Crockpot Casserole Weapon
Collard Curls
Collard Green Roll Ups
Collard Green Collage
Collard Green Gumbo
Collard Green Puffs
Collard Greens with Ham Hocks and Garlic
Collard Greens
Collard Greens, Charleston Style
Collard Hash Eggcups
Collard Mayonnaise Souffle
Collard Omelets
Collard Oyster Dip
Collard Patch Herbal Seasoning
Collard Pie Filling
Collard Pizza
Collard Rolls and Spare Ribs
Collard Souffle
Collard Squash Dressing
Collard Stew
Collard Stuffed Manicotti
Collard Tahini Pasta Casserole I
Collard Tahini Pasta Casserole II
Collard Tahini Pasta
Collard Timbale
Collard-Crawfish Alfredo
Collard-Okra Canapes
Collards and Eggs Au Gratin
Collards and Rice Casserole
Collards for Mike
Collards Risotto
Collards-Asparagus Casserole I
Collards-Asparagus Casserole II
Corn and Collard Timbale
Cracklin’ Bread
Crawford and Shrimp Gumbo Cornbread
Crawfish Cornbread
Crawfish Etouffee Collard Rolls
Crawfish Etouffee
Crawfish Tortellini Salad
Crawfish, Grits and Collards
Crawfish-Eggplant-Collard Pie
Crawfish-Eggplant-Crepe Filling
Cream Taco au Paul
Creamed Collards
Creamed Crawfish and Collards
Curried Chicken and Collard Salad
Curried Collards and Potatoes
Curried Deviled Eggs
Curried Lamb Roast
Curried Shrimp and Chicken with Collards and Rice
Eggplant Parmigiana
Fall Flavor Collards with Cranberries
Falling from the Sky Salad
Favorite Dipping Sauce
Fifth Sunday Muffins
Fish Couvillion
Foxy’s Biscotti
French Onion Collard Soup
Fresh Corn-Cornbread
Fresh Salad
Glorious Collards
Golden Cheddar Sauce
Halogar Cheese Muffins
Holiday Muffins
Holiday Sweet and Sour Collards
Homemade Honey Mustard
Hominy-Tomato-Collard Cornbread
Honey Butter
Hoppin’ John Collard Soup
Hot Link Collard Eggs
Hot Pepper Sauce
Huevos Collards Picantes
Huevos Collards
Italian Sausage over Cauliflower
Jalapeno Hushpuppies
Jamaican Collard Stew
Jerk Pork and Collards with Cornbread on Top
Lapsang Collards
Late Night Wrapped Snack
Layered Texianne Salad I
Layered Texianne Salad II
Lemon Poppy Seed Corn Muffins
Lemon, Butter and Garlic Collards
Lisa’s Collards
Louisiana Corn Cheese Muffins
Louisiana Polenta
Louisiana Redneck Beans
Macaroni Bread
Margaret’s Classical Collards
Marie’s Cornbread
Martha White’s Greens
Mayonnaise Cornbread
Melody’s Oven Bread
Memories of the Mill Cornbread
Mexican Collards and Black Bean Soup
Mexican Collards
Microwave Collard Greens
Mincemeat Cheese Muffins
Mixed Greens Caesar Salad
Netherland Salad
North Louisiana Bean Salad
Patricia’s Hot-Water Cornbread
Paul’s Basic Crepes
Paul’s Collards
Paul’s Midnight Chili
Paul’s Southwestern Eggs
Paula’s Bacon Mexican Cornbread Muffins
Peach Salsa
Pepperoni Cornbread
Perfect Collard Greens
Perfect Collard Seasoning Blend
Pork Loin Roast with Collard Dressing
Pork Tenderloin
Pork-Teriyaki Stuffed Collard Leaves
Quick and Tasty Pizza
Quick, Easy, and Tasty Pasta Salad
Ramen Noodle Casserole
Red Peppers Stuffed With Crabmeat and Steamed Collards
Red River Gumbo
Rosemary’s Collards
Ruth’s Old-Fashioned Biscuits
Rye Cornbread
Sandra’s Greens
Sauce Mornay with Colby/Jack
Sausage Collard Bake
Sicilian Greens
Simply Delicious Collards
Skillet Supper Sandwiches
Sour Cream Soft Bread
South-by-Southwest Green Stew
Southwestern Eggs Rolled In Crepes With Collards
Spinach and Collards
Squash, Collards, and Creamed Potato Casserole
Stacked Steak and Collards
Steamed Collards with Fruit, Nut, and Cheese Topping
Stir-Fried Crawfish and Vegetables
Stir-Fry with Pasta
Stir-Fried Greens
Stuffed Collard Rolls
Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed Onions
Swampy Land Seasoning
Sweep the Kitchen Soup
Sweet Potato and Collard Biscuits
Sweet Potato Cornbread
Sweet Tomato Cornbread
Sweetheart Cake
Terry’s Collard Soup
Terry’s Collards and Potatoes
Terry’s Collards and Tomatoes
The Simplest Way To Cook Tasty Collards
The Way Mama Cooked Greens
Too Good Collard Cornbread
Trail Mix Muffins
Two Sisters’ Collards
Vegetable Bacon Pizza
Vegetable Garden Spaghetti Sauce
Vegetable Monkey Bread
Vienna Sausage Casserole
Warm Creamy Sauce
Wilted Collard Salad
You Must Taste These Brownies
Zucchini Cornbread

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