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Virtual Dog Training 8 Sessions

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Date posted: 11-Aug-2023

My name is Koen Wild! My animal obsession began when I was a child, fueled by growing up on a cow farm in Houston, Texas. Around the age of 10, I started training the family dogs and began my own dog walking “business” where I walked and trained the neighborhood dogs for free. 

I am a balanced trainer. I firmly believe in being as gentle as you can be and as firm as you must. I use operant conditioning meaning I simultaneously use a mixture of praise and corrections to form the desired behaviors. I also incorporate free-shaping which teaches your dog how to learn.

Private Lessons
Puppy Lessons
Task Training
Basic Obedience
Behavior Modification

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I work very closely with my clients to ensure that they have a complete comprehension of how to understand and interact with their dog properly. Leadership is key, and through this program we not only teach your dog to learn, but we teach you how to lead.

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