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Date posted: 27-Jun-2022

Got Questions???.... Ask Medical Intuitive, Carol Keppler!

  • STILL BATTLING “forever-health-issues”?
  • ALLERGIES driving you crazy year after year?
  • FATIGUE that sleep doesn’t fix?
  • DEPRESSION wearing you down? How about pain?
  • MEMORY “GLITCHES” starting to worry you?
  • ADDICTIONS ruining your life?
  • POISONED - by medications/drugs?


Tried everything and nothing works for very long, including drugs???

The AltWatersTM System may have the answer you have been looking for.

Turn your health challenges around in as little as 12 weeks

and with no side effects…because it’s all natural.

Easy! If you can drink 4 cups (1 quart) of water a day,

with the addition of these non-toxic water-based formulas, you’ve got it made!

100% ITEX for the AltWatersTM System, a 12-week deep-cellular cleanse designed to neutralize electric overload from computers, smartphones, computerized cars, smart meters, T.V. and WiFi. Plus the dangerous electromagnetic radiation from the sun!

 FREE 15 minute informational with Medical Intuitive Carol Keppler ($60 value)

 AltWatersTM System ($650 value )

 A sterling silver Medallion, a piece of therapeutic jewelry to deflect harmful

“chaotic electric”($150 value)

 This do-it-yourself System comes with your first 2 months supply of Preventive Maintenance, your total wellness formulas. Forever.

 FREE follow-up to be sure you have met your wellness goals! ($70 value)

Carol Keppler CEO/Founder
Scottsdale,Arizona based
AltWatersTM Technology



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