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HOLIDAY SPECIAL Pilates Stick Bar/Resistance Bands

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Many @ 2 for $25 special



Date posted: 24-Aug-2023

Condition: New

SPECIAL!! 2 for $25 get in shape with a friend for the holidays
Pilates Stick Bar with Resistance Bands - Booty Bar - Pink or Purple - Sturdy, Yoga Long Bar - Home Gym Equipment - Booty Exercise Band - Pilates Kit + Carry bag  - Strength/Stretching Resime Bar

  • TONE YOUR BOOTIE SUPER-FAST: This Pilates bar will shift your shape and have you looking fit and healthy in no time – with a super-easy home workout, your muscle definition will speak for itself!
  • LIFT YOUR POSTURE: Strengthen your core, balance your body, feel the lift –this lightweight Pilates bar is designed to straighten your back, square your shoulders and draw your tummy in, so you can stay strong and stand tall everyday
  • FEEL THE AFTER-BURN: Simple moves using this Pilates bar continue to work your body for hours after your session ends – and by that, ladies, I mean those calories keep on burning baby!
  • TOUCH YOUR TOES IN NO TIME: Resistance-based movement with this equipment provides gentle stretching, improves flexibility and increases your range of motion – this not only helps with injury prevention and improved strength, but it feels so good after a long day!
  • RELEASE THE STRESS AND RELAX: Free your mind and release built up tensions within minutes using this adjustable and portable Pilates equipment – with no set-up required, you can use it anytime, anywhere. It’s perfect!
  • COMES IN PURPLE OR PINK please specify
  • shipping requires phone number for venmo or cc and your shipping address to process for a single order
  • shipping cost TBD 

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