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The AltWaters™ System Formulas

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Date posted: 16-Jun-2022

The Original AltWaters™ System is a first-on-the-planet, a deep cellular cleanse with the capability of bringing the body back to a normal alkaline pH where no disease can survive. Disease thrives in an acid terrain.  For both people and animals (saves thousands on Vet bills!)

The AltWaters™ System is all-natural with water-based formulas that are non-allergenic and safe for even newborns...and this takes only 12 weeks to complete! (For pets just 7 days!) It's as easy as drinking a quart of water a day!

In addition, the AltWaters™ System may be the only therapy that deals with electro-sensitivity, a serious problem causing scarring of cell membranes on every one of our 75 trillion cells in the body, that neither western medicine or most other alternative therapies deal with.

AltWaters™ System manufactured "energy medicine" formulas since 1984 as well as a 15-week System, possibly the first "system" on the planet. These water-based "energy medicine" formulas work to eliminate, electro-sensitivity, the "root cause" chronic fatigue, stress, and many chronic health issues, electro-sensitivity for a return of 100% Radical Wellness.

We can help any business whose personnel deals with: high stress level jobs: administrators, doctors, executive level positions, nurses, police, prison guards, and teachers ─ or LIFE.  Worldwide!  

Cellular toxicities are accumulated in the body from electric, computers, cell phones and towers, refrigeration, radio, T.V., electronics, microwaves, and now electric cars and of course from chemicals, paint, and pool chemicals.  Exterminators, fire fighters, gardeners, are exposed on an everyday basis.

So effective, this system never-in-a-lifetime needs to be repeated.  A simple Preventive Maintenance is used as the deterrent against a return of chronic issues!

For more information, please call 602-996-9753 and ask to schedule a FREE 15 minute informational session with Carol, an Energy Intuitive with a 99% accuracy rate!






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