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Date posted: 29-Jun-2022

There are two services offered regarding Employee Handbooks:

1) I will analyze your current handbook and provide a written report. You will find out four things: a) What is in your current handbook that should not be in an employee handbook?; b) What is missing that should be in every employee handbook?; c) Are there any contradictions, confusing sections, illegal policies, or poor word usage?; and d) Are the topics properly organized in a logical order with clean formatting, spelling, and punctuation? The Employee Handbook Assessment is $175 through ITEX, including the written report.

2) I will write (or update) your employee handbook, including your pay practices, benefits,  vacation, sick leave, jury duty, bereavement leave, HR policies, work rules, safety rules, and about 40 other subjects. The Employee Handbook is $795, and includes several HR-related forms that go with the handbook.

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