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Date posted: 17-May-2022

CRM is easy to learn because this system is mainly used by sales staff. The job of a salesperson is to follow up with customers and facilitate transactions. Therefore, sales staff use CRM systems to manage customers and improve work efficiency.

Here's a 6-step process that will teach you how to set up a CRM system:

  1. Map your customer journey.
  2. Define your business and sales processes.
  3. Create custom fields, stages, and pipelines.
  4. Migrate your customer information.
  5. Integrate your tools and automate manual processes.
  6. Add users and set permissions.

What are the 5 steps of the CRM process?

  1. Introduce them to your business. The first step on how to introduce prospective clients to your business is by building brand awareness through effective marketing campaigns. ...
  2. Engage them. ...
  3. Converse them. ...
  4. Provide quality customer service. ...
  5. Invest in Loyalty and Upgrading.


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